Declaring My Independence

I didn’t set out to be an indie writer, but I’m glad I am. It suits me. I don’t care much for gatekeepers, I have confidence in my own ideas (and in my ability to judge when I need outside help), I like to set my own time table, and I like to be in charge. I have been accused of being a control freak. As if that were a bad thing. 😉

I imagine few people’s paths to indie authorship are straight lines. Mine certainly wasn’t. Here’s how I got here:


Along the way I have also had the good fortune to blunder into a whole collection of amazing (and amazingly supportive) indie writers. There’s a fantastic variety of work out there by indies. If you aren’t exploring it, you’re missing out on some great writing. My favorite indie discovery this year is probably Marriage Material by Rachel L. Hamm. She had me at the premise and did not disappoint.

For more amazing indie writers, visit Kathryn Biel‘s Indie Book Day 2016 Pinterest board!

*Wait, you wrote a what?