One ex-boyfriend/current business partner making things difficult, even if he doesn’t mean to. One man she’d like to get to know, if only she could keep up with him. . . . And one irresistible bad boy who could screw it all up for her without even trying.

purple book cover with a man and a woman and hearts

After her breakup with Noah Prince left her emotionally bruised and publicly humbled, Victoria Ashby is resolved to make a fresh start. The man she’s currently (almost) involved with cancels their first big public date, but it’s just a minor setback. Enter Ryder Prince, Vicky’s ex’s notorious older brother.

Ryder Prince is the big, bad black sheep of the wealthy and revered Prince family. He’s been the thorn in his family’s side for years, and they’ve made sure he knows it. But what can Ryder do? He’s got a reputation to live up to. Case in point: crashing the super-prestigious and stuffy Pink Heart Ball.

But when Vicky intervenes and stops Ryder’s fun, he doesn’t mind so much. He’s always liked Vic . . . even if she does need to loosen up a little. Can he help it if that means they end up a gossip column scandal?

Good thing it’s nothing a little fake relationship can’t fix. Although they didn’t bargain for the front-row seats to Noah’s current romance. Or how fake dating might disrupt their current lives. Or how good they are together . . .

Chaperoning the Billionaire is a bad boy, ex’s big brother, fake relationship, billionaire rom-com. It is part of the Sweet & Swoonworthy Billionaires series. Expect charm, romance, crackling banter and chemistry, and a PG vibe with mild language, closed doors, and guaranteed smiles.

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